• Expansion worker visa
    Expansion worker visa
    Mahla Nikbakht
    Mahla Nikbakht

  • Suppose you are a founder or senior manager or a specialist and influential employee in a company or business outside the UK that your company has not yet operated in the UK. 

    In that case, the UK has provided conditions for the establishment of a branch of your company in the UK. You can enter the UK using the UK Extension Worker Visa and start your own business.

    This blog was written to explain the conditions, documents, and general requirements of this visa to help you increase your knowledge about this visa and understand the work procedures. Keep in mind that the documents you must provide may be based on the conditions. Your personal and your business are different.

    In general, to get this visa, you must go through the following steps:

    1. First, register a subsidiary branch of the parent company in the UK and then apply for a sponsorship license for the registered company. 
    2. You must provide a job background as an employer outside of the UK.
    3. Start working in a new job in your business branch in England.
    4. Get the minimum salary for your flame based on the type of job and duties.

    All these things can be different and fair according to your company's job and field of work.

    Duration of stay: You can stay in the UK for 12 months after the start of the work date stated on the sponsorship certificate, and you have an additional 14 days to decide on your conditions.

    If you decide to extend the visa, you can extend it for another 12 months, but the maximum period of stay of this visa is 2 years.

    Dependents: Your spouse and dependent children can accompany you in England if they are eligible and get a visa for the duration of your visa.

    You can stay in the UK for 12 months after the start of the work date stated on the sponsorship certificate, and you have an additional 14 days to decide on your conditions.

    Financial requirements: You must show in a 28-day account statement that the amount of 1270 pounds has been permanently available in your bank account if your family accompanies you; in addition to 1270 pounds, the amount of 285 pounds for the spouse, 315 pounds for the first child and Have £200 for each other child in your bank account over 28 days.

    English language requirements: People who are eligible to receive a UK Extension Worker Visa do not need to prove their English language skills so they can set up their own business in the UK without restrictions and as quickly as possible. However, having English language skills can help a lot to carry out your activities in the UK.

    What things can you do and what should you not do during your stay in the UK?

    You can:

    1. Work in your job in a branch of your company that you established in the UK.
    2. Your wife and children can study in the UK.
    3. Do voluntary and charitable work without receiving a salary.
    4. Travel outside the UK and back during your stay in the UK.

    You also cannot:

    1. Apply for public benefits and pensions.
    2. Change your job without a prior request and start working in another job.

    How does VISAI help you?

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