• Global talent visa
    Global talent visa
    Mahla Nikbakht
    Mahla Nikbakht

  • Most of the developed countries in the world are always seeking to attract the best global talents of other countries. England is one of the leading countries in attracting top world talent.

    Global talent visa is for people over 18 years of age who have potential leadership ability.

    These people should be pioneers and leaders in academic or research fields, art and culture, or digital technology.

    You must receive a confirmation to prove your abilities; if you have these conditions, you can receive the UK Global Talent visa.

    Global Talent Visa is for the person who can make positive changes.

    In the rest of this blog, you will read all the things you need, including the required documents and conditions of this visa.


    Requirement indorsement:

    You can only apply for this visa if you have received confirmation of your ability, but you do not need confirmation if you have received a qualifying award.

    Consider that you should get a letter of approval from the relevant institution according to your field of study and expertise.

    How long can you stay in the UK?

    This visa is issued for 5 years and is considered one of the long-term visas in the United Kingdom. You do not have a limit to extend this visa if you are eligible; you can extend it for one to 5 years after each visa expiration as well. From 3 to 5 years after living in the UK, you can apply for permanent residence.

    English language requirements:

    You do not need to prove your language level in this type of visa because the UK is not going to limit influential and talented people for the reason that their mother tongue is not English.


    Financial requirements:

    Another special advantage of this visa is that you do not need to meet financial requirements, and you do not need to provide proof of your financial ability.



    You don't need to worry about

    accompanying your family; your spouse and dependent children can be with you in the UK; they also have permission to work, study, and travel in England so that they can easily be with you under new conditions and without restrictions.

    Of course, you should know that your family cannot apply for public benefits.


    As mentioned, you need to be checked by

    an approving organization and get a letter of approval. These organizations are different depending on your field of activity, each of which we will explain below.


    Arts Council England (ACE) Applicants:


    Provide a comprehensive resume in which you have fully mentioned your experiences and artistic achievements.

    Letters of Endorsement: 

    To prove that you are a global talent in the field of art, you must receive three letters of endorsement and submit them in your file.

    • A letter of approval from a UK-based institution
    • A confirmation letter from an international organization in English  
    • A letter from an arts or cultural organization or an eminent person in your field of expertise

    Producers Alliance for Cinema and

    Television (PACT) Applicants:

    Letter of Endorsement: 

    You need to get and send three letters like ACE applicants.

    Awards and Honors: 

    Submit any record or evidence of nominations for awards related to your specialty and details of any awards received.


    British Fashion Council (BFC) Applicants:

    Letter of Endorsement: Submit

    three letters from reputable British or international institutions and eminent persons vouching for your ability with your visa application.

    At least one of the letters must be from a UK organization.


    Royal Institute of British Architects

    (RIBA) Applicants:

    Like the previous applicants, you must send three letters of endorsement and details of your awards and honors.


    Science Bodies (British Academy, Royal

    Society, Royal Academy of Engineering):

    CV: prepare and send a detailed resume of your awards,

    honors, and academic records with your application.

    Letter of recommendation: 

    A prominent person in an accredited scientific organization confirms your ability and talent in a letter of recommendation.


    Tech Nation Applicants:

    Letters of recommendation:

    Get three letters from reputable British

    and international organizations confirming your ability and sending them with your application; these organizations must be reputable and eligible to support the Global Talent Program.

    Resume: Provide a resume including

    your activities, awards, and background in the technology field.

    You can also present if you have been the owner or shareholder of a company in the information technology sector that is currently active or inactive in the last 5 years.


    How can VISAI help you?

    Obtaining this visa has many steps that make you need an experienced immigration lawyer; use the VISAI questionnaire so that artificial intelligence can assure you that you are eligible to receive the Global Talent visa. After that, we can find the best lawyers and immigration companies. We will introduce you to the type of visa suitable for you.



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