• Government Authorised Exchange Visa
    Government Authorised Exchange Visa
    Mahla Nikbakht
    Mahla Nikbakht

  • The Temporary Work – Government Authorised Exchange visa is designed so that experts or educated people who intend to research, train, exchange knowledge, or fellowships sanctioned by approved government exchange schemes can engage in their desired activities in England for a short period.

    There are two important conditions for obtaining this visa: firstly, that your purpose of entering England is one of the mentioned ones, and secondly, that you have a sponsor. 

    This sponsor could be an organization overseeing an approved exchange scheme, a higher education institution, or a government department or agency. It's not just a visa; it's a tailored chance to explore and contribute to various fields through short-term opportunities in the United Kingdom. 

    In this blog, we will generally review the documents and conditions required for this visa. Still, please note that all these documents and requirements can be changed or increased according to your conditions.

    Sponsorship: You must obtain a certificate of sponsorship from an organization whose activity is aligned with the activity you intend to do in the UK.


    Duration of stay: The duration of your stay depends on the program you have in the UK, but this visa is issued for a maximum of 12 to 24 months.


    During your stay in the UK, you are allowed to do some activities, and you are not allowed to do some activities.

    Things you can do:

    • Study (some courses may require an Academic Technology Approval Scheme certificate).
    • Work in the job specified in your certificate of sponsorship.
    • Undertake a second job for up to 20 hours per week.
    • Engage in a job on the Skilled Worker shortage occupation list for up to 20 hours per week in addition to your main job.
    • Bring your eligible partner and children as dependents.

    Still, you can not:

    • Accept a permanent job.
    • Receive public funds.

    Proof of fund:  you should have a minimum of £1,270 in your bank account for at least 28 days before application. Of course, you must have more funds to support your dependent's life cost, too.

    You do not need to prove your language skills on this type of visa, as there are no restrictions on those seeking experience.

    Documents Required: to be eligible for this visa, you must have these documents:

    • Certificate of sponsorship reference number.
    • Valid passport or travel document and identity document.
    • Evidence of personal savings, such as your bank statements (unless your certificate of sponsorship shows your employer can support you).
    • Proof of relationship with dependents.
    • Tuberculosis test results (if applicable).
    • ATAS certificate if required for sensitive subject research at PhD level or higher.
    • Consent letter from a government or international scholarship agency (if applicable).

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