• High Potential Individual Visa
    High Potential Individual Visa
    Mahla Nikbakht
    Mahla Nikbakht

  • The UK has always been a good host for purposeful people.


    High-potential individual Visa

    Graduates of reputable universities can work in England without having a job offer; this is good news for people who have graduated from an eligible university in the last 5 years; these people can get a UK visa for 2-3 years and work.


    It is necessary to check the list of accredited universities in your graduation year to check your eligibility. Here is a list of eligible universities categorized by year.









    Type and level of qualification: Your degree must be equivalent to a bachelor's, master's, or doctorate university degree in England, and it is very important to apply for the equivalence of your qualifications. You must apply to UK NARIC for the equivalence of your educational qualifications.

    Language terms:

    You must get the B1 level in a recognized English language test such as IELTS.


    Financial Requirement:

    To support your and your family's cost in the UK, you must maintain a minimum of £1,270 in your bank account for at least 28 days prior to application. If you have dependents, You should also consider their expenses in addition to yours; their expenses are as follows:


    • £285 for your partner
    • £315 for one child
    • £200 for each additional child



    In this visa route, your dependent family, i.e., spouse and children under 18 years of age, can accompany you in England.

    The validity period of their Visa is equal to the validity period of your Visa. If the parents' Visa has a different validity date, the validity period of the children's Visa will be set at an earlier date.

    How can VISAI help you?

    VISAI is an artificial intelligence to recognizes and checks the type of Visa suitable for each person for immigration; if you intend to immigrate to a country for work, study, business, or even intend to visit a country for different purposes, VISAI helps you to know the percentage of your chance for obtaining a visa and also depending on your conditions, which Visa and country is suitable for you to stay.

    But these are not our only features; VISAI is a vast online platform where many immigration agencies and lawyers register and cooperate with VISAI as key partners if we approve them so that Visa can provide you with the best advisors. And introduce lawyers to you to obtain a special visa so that your journey will be smoother.


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