• Innovator Founder Visa
    Innovator Founder Visa
    Mahla Nikbakht
    Mahla Nikbakht

  • Best countries all around the world give special opportunities to entrepreneurs and innovators. The United Kingdom is also one of these county countries that make a great environment for these people. 

    The new UK visa, which has replaced the startup visa, is the innovator founder visa that you read about in this blog.

    Innovator Founder Visa

     Innovator Founder Visa is a new way to establish a startup in the UK.

     Similar to other developed countries that attract startups and founders, the UK also creates this Visa to develop its startup economy.

    This Visa is for those who run a startup and are the essential person for the growth of a startup.

    Both innovators and startups must have some eligibility to get this Visa.


    Business Idea Requirements:

    • The business idea must be new, innovative, viable, and scalable.
    • It must differ from existing market offerings, which means it must respond to the needs in the market that have not been answered so far.
    • The business plan should demonstrate potential for growth, job creation, and expansion into national and international markets and prior attention to influence the British economy and have entrepreneurship and financial benefits.

    One of the requirements that your business must meet is to have a business plan. This business plan must have the following conditions:

    First of all, your business plan must be realistic and workable. Secondly, you must have a decisive role in the business and explain it well in the business plan.

    You must also regularly attend your meetings with the certifying body.

    Innovative, Viable, and Scalable Business must:

    • Present a business plan addressing market needs or creating a competitive advantage.
    • Demonstrate realistic and achievable goals based on available resources.
    • Possess the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience to run the business.
    • Evidence-structured planning and potential for job creation and market expansion.

    Innovator Founder Teams:

    • You do not need to be the sole founder; team members sharing the same business idea are eligible.
    • Each member of the team should receive an individual endorsement.

    Endorsement letter

    A legal and approved supervisory board must review the business, match it with the needs and market, and approve the plan in its competence. In this letter, there should be details such as the name of the certifying body, date of issue, reference number, and contact information.

    English language requirements:

    In order to receive an investor visa, you need a B2 level of English, and you must prove your language level by participating in a valid test such as IELTS. Your dependent family members do not need to provide a language certificate, but as you know, learning the language of the destination country is very important and valuable in the success of immigration.


     Your spouse or common-law partner and your dependent children can accompany you to the UK. Still, you must be able to show with your financial resources that you can support the expenses of yourself and your family.

    Financial requirement:

     But you must be able to show with your financial resources that you can support the expenses of yourself and your family.

    You need £1,270 for yourself, £285 for your spouse, £315 for your first child, and £200 for each of your other children. You must be able to prove your financial ability with valid financial documents such as bank statements.

    After obtaining a visa during your stay in the UK,

    you can:

    1. Start one or more businesses.

    2. Engage in different flame positions in your business

    3. Do a job you're good at outside of your business.

    4. Bring dependent family members with you to the UK.

    5. After three years, if eligible, apply for UK permanent residence.

    You cannot work as a professional athlete or sports specialist during your stay in the UK, and you cannot claim any government benefits or pensions.

    How can VISAI help you?

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    Use our AI-based questionnaire to find out if you are eligible for an innovator founder visa or not.

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