• Parent of a Child Student visa
    Parent of a Child Student visa
    Mahla Nikbakht
    Mahla Nikbakht

  • Many people around the world wants their children to study in the UK which have a strong education system, if you are one these parents, this blog is written for you.

    Parents of a child student VISA
    As we said before, many parents are eager for their child to study in the UK. Still, there may be obstacles to this decision, for example, the concern about your child studying alone in another country or the importance of the fact that in addition to a high-quality environment for education, a child also needs a warm family to grow. Understanding this issue, the home office has designed a visa (parent of a child student) so that children can study in the UK with peace of mind.

    So if your child is studying in the UK or they want to request for a child student visa, you can apply for a parent of a child student visa but you have to notice that getting this visa can create restrictions on your activity in Britain.

    If you have another children and they also want to study in the UK, the can also request for a child student visa and you can bring them with you.

    To be eligible for this visa:

    Your child must be between 4-11 year old and have child student visa or want to get this visa.

    You should know that:

    1. One the parents can request to join to their child in the UK not the both of them.
    2. You must have sufficient financial resources to support your and your child's expenses.
    3. You should keep your own house outside of the UK.
    4. You have to proof that you will return to your country when your visa expired

    If your request accepted, while you are in the UK, you can NOT:

    1. Work in a paid job.
    2. Study in the UK.
    3. Start a business
    4. Make the UK your main country of residence.
    5. Request for benefits or the State Pension.
    6. Bring your other family member with you to the UK.
    7. Apply for another types of the UK visas.

    Financial documents:
    to live with your student child in the UK, you have to support your and your child living cost.

    For you and your child you need 1560 pound for each month and for your other children, if they come with you, you should add $625 per child to your monthly expenses.

    Requirement document:
    to applying for a parent of a child student you must have:
    1. A valid passport or travel documents
    2. Proof of fund document
    3. Your main house document
    4. TB test results (if applicable).

    How can VISAI accompany you in this process? Suppose your child is between 4 and 11 years old; you can find out if you are eligible for a parent-of-a-child student visa by filling out the VISAI questionnaire, which is analyzed by artificial intelligence. If you are eligible, VISAI can introduce you to the best immigration institutions or experienced and specialized lawyers to carry out the immigration process; you will get access to your expert guides according to the results of the questionnaire.



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