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    Mahla Nikbakht
    Mahla Nikbakht

  • The UK has always been one of the top study destinations for students around the world.

    London, the capital of this country, is chosen as the most popular city for students every year.

    The reason for England's popularity among students is the high quality of education in this country, world-class universities, and rich culture in England.

    According to the statistics, every year, the UK is among the top 10 countries in terms of education.

    All these things make many students around the world study in England. Studying in England not only promotes academic growth but also helps international students in social, economic, and cultural development.

    If you also intend to study in the UK, you can read about the UK student visa, its conditions and requirements, and the necessary documents to apply for this Visa in this article.

    Course acceptance:

    The most important part of getting a student visa is getting accepted by an accredited educational institution or a university that is authorized to issue an acceptance letter in England; this acceptance letter must be unconditional, and the conditions and details of your studies in a university or Describe the institution.

    If you also intend to study in the UK, you can read about the UK student visa, its conditions and requirements, and the necessary documents to apply for this Visa in this article.


    London is the most popular student city in the world and the most expensive city in England, so the cost of living in London is different from other cities in England.

    The cost of academic living in London is 1334 pounds per month; this amount only covers your daily living expenses, and you have to pay the cost of the training course separately.

    The monthly cost of living outside of London is £1,023 plus course fees.

    Multiply the number of monthly expenses by 9 to calculate the amount you need for one year of study in England, and then have this amount plus the cost of the study period in your account; you must have a 28-day account turnover from the account. Provide your bank statement that shows that this amount has been in your account continuously for 28 days.

    Of course, you can also provide this statement from your spouse's or parents' account.

    If your spouse and children accompany you in the UK, you must prove that you can provide for their financial needs, too.

    The annual cost of living for your family is £7,605 in London and £6,120 outside of London.

    The most important thing to get a student visa is to prove that you are really a student who intends to study seriously in the UK.

    To prove this, you can use the following:

    Financial documents:

    Show your financial ability with valid documents so that you can prove that you don't need a full-time job to cover your expenses, and you can focus on your studies.

    Prepare a convincing SoP:

    Explain why you have chosen a particular course and how this course of study will affect your future; this letter has a great impact on the process of your case.

    Provide a detailed resume:

    Prepare a resume that shows your desire to study in your desired field; this resume can include your academic records, honors and awards, experiences, skills, and interests.

    Study gap:

    If there is a time break in any period of your studies, state it clearly and honestly and write the reason for this break. The reason for this break can be personal problems, gaining new experience, work, or any other reason, depending on personal circumstances. You must show that regardless of this break, you have always sought to learn more in your field of study in the right circumstances.

    Work experience: If you have work experience related to your field of study, state it to show that your field of study is the same as the one you intend to work on and that you intend to improve your skills and knowledge in a particular field.

    Proof of return:

    You must be able to prove that you will return to your country after completing your studies in the UK or that you will apply for a visa suitable for your circumstances.

    You can use your family ties, work history, and your plans to continue working in your home country to prove your return.

    The key to success in getting a UK study visa is your transparency and honesty in sending your application.

    How can VISAI help you? Use VISAI and measure your conditions to get a UK study visa; if VISAI finds you eligible to receive this Visa, we can refer you to the best lawyers and immigration companies that specialize in educational immigration to England and are experienced experts to introduce you to help you start the path of your educational progress faster.


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