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    Mahla Nikbakht


    The UK has always been one of the most important tourist destinations in the world; many people visit England every year for different purposes, and the UK visitor visa is designed for this purpose. You may apply for this Visa for different reasons, and you should depend on your conditions. And prepare the documents you need for your request.


    The visitor visa categories are as follows:

    Tourism: This sub-group is for people who plan to visit the UK for sightseeing and holidays.

    Visiting someone: You may need this Visa to visit family members, friends, or a special someone.

    Voluntary work: You may intend to stay in England for 30 days for a charitable or voluntary activity.

    In transit: You may need to leave the UK during your travels and travel, and for this, you will need a visitor visa.

    Work activities: Your reason for visiting England may be business purposes, business meetings, contracts, or any business-related issues.

    School Exchange: Take part in an exchange program.

    Leisure courses: You may need to stay in the UK to attend a particular festival or a dance class.

    Study, Placements, Exams: You can go to England with a visitor visa to pass an exam or a short-term study course.

    Specialized roles: According to the needs of England, you may work as a professional workforce such as a doctor and dentist for a short time in England.

    Medical visits: You can get this Visa for health or medical purposes.



    By receiving a visitor visa, you cannot:

    1. Work in a paid job in the UK.

    2. Have the intention of long-term residence and living in England

    3. Receive government and public benefits

    4. Get married in the UK (you need a marriage visa to get married in the UK)

    In general, you can stay in England for up to 6 months with a visitor visa. If you have a need for a longer stay, such as treatment for an illness in England, you should apply for a longer period.


    One of the important factors in obtaining a UK visitor visa is the intention to leave this country after the Visa expires; you must have good reasons to prove leaving the UK using valid documents.

    Depending on your situation, the following reasons can help:

    Employed people: Employed people can show that they have a stable job in their country of residence and have to leave the UK to perform their duties by providing documents proving their employment, such as a letter from the employer, and bank statements.

    Business owners: You must provide documents such as company registration, tax documents, bank statements, shares, etc.; you have a business in your place of residence, and you will leave the UK to run it.

    Retires: If you are retired, you can prove that you do not intend to stay in the UK for a long time by providing a bank statement and the pension fee you receive.

    Students: You can show that you plan to leave the UK by using a letter of employment or acceptance from an educational center in your country of residence.

    Financial Document: You are entering Canada as a visitor, so you must have sufficient national resources for expenses such as hotel or accommodation, transportation, daily expenses, etc. You can prove your financial ability by showing bank statements and legal slips or other financial documents such as stocks, real estate documents, etc.


    You can have a more reliable case with other documents. To prove that you do not intend to live in the UK, you can use documents that show that you have connections in your country of origin, for example, marriage documents that show that your spouse is in the country. The origin is awaiting your return, or you have dependent children whom you need to support in your country of residence.

    These ties may also include employment commitments, business affiliations, property ownership, and other substantial links.


    Visiting friends and family:

    Suppose your purpose for visiting the UK is to visit your family or friends. In that case, you can increase the probability of your application being accepted if you attach an invitation letter from your family or friends to your application.

    In this letter, you should describe your purpose and your plans for this trip with your friend or family member.


    How can VISAI help you?

    VISAI is an artificial intelligence to recognizes and checks the type of Visa suitable for each person for immigration; if you intend to immigrate to a country for work, study, business, or even intend to visit a country for different purposes, VISAI helps you to know the percentage of your chance for obtaining a visa and also depending on your conditions, which Visa and country is suitable for you to stay.

    But these are not our only features; VISAI is a vast online platform where many immigration agencies and lawyers register and cooperate with VISAI as key partners if we approve them so that Visa can provide you with the best advisors. And introduce lawyers to you to obtain a special visa so that your journey will be smoother.




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