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அறிவின்மை இன்மையுள் இன்மை பிறிதின்மை இன்மையா வையா துலகு....



NGO Regd No 25/2016

Organic Farming!

"Farming is gastronomic activity, it is not an economic activity" - G.Nammazhvar Let's do agriculture, not Agri-business! Be organic, live healthy!

Bottled water

"Do You know? It takes 16 litres of water virtually to manufacture one litre water bottle. Avoid one little of water bottle, you conserve 18 litres of water!"


"Millets are not our Tradition, but it is an addition to our immunization" Promoting millets is equivalent to enhancing our immune and surviving healthy!


"Education is the kindling of a flame, not he filling of a vessel" - Socrates We are striving to kindle the knowledge flame in many individuals rather than dumping stuffs into brain!

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